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5) Gold. The best things about gold are that it rarely, if ever, depreciates in value and it never goes out of style. Even if you buy a small charm or pair of earrings, gold jewelry is sure to be treasured and handed down to future generations. Make sure what you buy is good quality - consult with a reputable jeweler rather than a fly by night operation so you know you're getting the real thing.

Custom Car Mats ~ Yes, you can have custom car mats made for your vehicles. They can be embroidered with an initial or monogram in the color of your choice. I've seen these done for golf carts as well. What a statement this person is making on the golf course, huh! Also available for boats, door mats and even cut out for your pet's food bowls. The food bowl mat helps contain FiFi's mess and looks so cute with her name embroidered across it.

Personalized Stationary ~ This is probably one of my very favorite gift ideas. Personalized stationary makes for a great teacher's gift. (I must say I have become very popular at my kids' school.) There are literally hundreds of different styles out there to choose from. There are pre-printed note cards, note pads, personalized stamps with blank note cards.... and the list goes on. My favorite is the personalized stamps that can be used on not only note cards, but on pads, envelopes, gift tags, recipe cards, inside books, etc. The uses are numerous. I have three myself and love them all!

Does she like jewelry? It doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, if you pay attention, she just might drop a hint subconsciously about something she likes, while you're out shopping for something else. Take a mental note, and then go get it later, while it's still on sale. Women have different tastes in jewelry, so make sure you know her preferences so you can get her a personalized jewelry Christmas gift. The examples could go on, but you get the point.

Does dad have a "Man Cave"? Make it complete with personalized card sets, bar signs, barware, glassware, Koozies, and cigar accessories such as humidors and travel cases.

Does he like to play golf? Try golf balls if you'd like to remain on the affordable side, or consider a golf club membership if you don't mind spending a little extra on this Christmas present.

When your dealing with precious gemstones, and beautiful gold and sterling silver, its important to look after them to ensure they continue looking new and beautiful! A buildup of oil from our skin and everyday grime is the culprit of this dulling effect. When you buy diamond or birthstone jewelry, you want it to last a lifetime. To ensure that these pieces have the "forever" quality, you need to make sure you are equipped with the right tools to keep these pieces looking flawless, forever.

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